This is is an older run of KataGo. For the current run, see here.

The run smallrect began at 2020-09-06 22:33:21 UTC and its latest network was uploaded at 2021-08-13 00:32:44 UTC.

Data Generation

Across all time, 1 distinct users have uploaded 647,125 rows of training data, 24,780 training games, and 1,970 rating games.

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A total of 65 networks have been uploaded for smallrect.

Latest network: smallrect-testmodel

Strongest confidently-rated network: smallrect-b6c96-s21962112-d630381

Approximate Elo Ratings Graph
Graph is based on about 1,970 rating games using mid to high hundreds of playouts. Ratings might still be mildly inflated due to only playing other KataGo nets, but otherwise are fresh and unbiased and involve a variety of nets to avoid rock-paper-scissors. Vertical bars indicate approximately a 95% confidence interval.

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Top Contributors

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User Training Rows Training Games Rating Games
lightvector 647,125 rows generated 24,780 training games 1,970 rating games