KataGo Distributed Training Test

Rectangular Board Testing and Solving!

This is a site with test runs conducted in late 2020 to exercise and debug KataGo's distributed training infrastructure. The main test run "rect15" trained on board sizes ranging from 3x3 to 15x15 including all rectangular sizes.

Although just a test, the nets here are strong and should generally be superhuman. For board sizes in this range that are extremely non-square, these are probably the strongest available KataGo nets, and there is a good chance they have optimally solved all the usual smaller rectangular sizes. (But mind that the exact ruleset can matter for some weird sizes, and KataGo's formal rules may slightly differ in sufficiently weird corner cases from human rulesets.)

This run is finished now and is left here as an archive for anyone interested. You can explore it and try the nets if you are interested in what near-optimal play might be on weird board sizes like 3x9, or 4x7, or 5x6. Enjoy!

Stats for rect15

This run is named rect15 and began on 2020-09-09 04:00:46 UTC.

Data Generation

Across all time, 9 distinct users have uploaded 97,312,978 rows of training data, 4,233,208 training games, and 99,711 rating games.

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A total of 651 networks have been uploaded for rect15.

Latest network: rect15-b20c256-s343365760-d96847752

Strongest confidently-rated network: rect15-b20c256-s309518592-d93204922

Approximate Elo Ratings Graph
Graph is based on about 99,711 rating games using mid to high hundreds of playouts. Ratings might still be mildly inflated due to only playing other KataGo nets, but otherwise are fresh and unbiased and involve a variety of nets to avoid rock-paper-scissors. Vertical bars indicate approximately a 95% confidence interval.

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Top Contributors

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User Training Rows Training Games Rating Games
lightvector 47,718,811 rows generated 2,093,874 training games 52,420 rating games
petgo3 24,259,887 rows generated 1,056,724 training games 23,250 rating games
JBX2010 16,449,638 rows generated 697,024 training games 13,482 rating games
iopq 8,660,205 rows generated 375,894 training games 10,374 rating games
sbbdms 171,643 rows generated 7,276 training games 112 rating games
nebu 43,973 rows generated 1,969 training games 72 rating games
luckyangman 4,654 rows generated 204 training games 0 rating games
sander 3,930 rows generated 230 training games 1 rating games
cheeseonhead 237 rows generated 13 training games 0 rating games

Older Runs

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